Hydrostatic Testing

ISVT can assist todays company on Hydro Test of all different types of valves, pipe spool pieces and receivers and to and including 800 BARG (11,600 psi). Our Hydro pack is fully portable and lightweight and is suitable for most hazardous areas.

Hydrostatic testing is an essential part of critical component testing, used for the stress testing of components, typically at 1.5 times their maximum specified working gas pressure. Checking components under these conditions minimises the risk of fatigue failure once commissioned which in turn reduces the risk to life from components failing under pressure.

During hydrostatic testing, components are hydrostatically tested with inhibited water (in accordance with API6D and ISO14313) to verify the body material strength of the component as well as the high and low-pressure leakage integrity of the seat.

Hydrostatic Testing Capabilities:

  • Hydrostatic pressure up of 800 BARG (11,600psi)
  • Carried out in accordance with API 6D, API 17D and ISO 14313

Typical Components for Hydrostatic Testing: Valves (including ball, gate, globe, check, choke, butterfly), Seals (metal and elastomer), Connectors (electrical and hydraulic) and Heat Exchangers.

Please contact ISVT for your individual requirements.

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