Mobile Valve Repair Workshop

Considering the continual conflict between maximising plant operation and minimising maintenance shut downs, ISVT has become an essential part of an efficient maintenance strategy, not only with in-situ testing of safety and relief valves but also for onsite maintenance and overhauls of safety and relief valves during maintenance shutdowns.

In addition to providing on-site valve maintenance and repair services for a plant’s turnaround or urgent requirements, ISVT works with our customers to establish service solutions that provide an efficient maintenance turnaround for critical plant safety and relief valves. 

ISVT’s mobile workshop offers the latest in safety and relief valve testing equipment along with computer generated test reports. As part of ISVT’s quality guarantee, all valves pre-tested and/or overhauled with be supplied with a full comprehensive test report including:  

  • As found results
  • Computer generated pressure graphs
  • Digital photos
  • Comprehensive pre and post check list
  • Final computer generated pressure graph
  • Electronic bubble counter results. 

ISVT’s uses their Electronic Bubble Counting giving our clients the most accurate information on their Safety and Relief Valves to API 527.

ISVT provides complete management of your safety and relief valve maintenance and repair requirements from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service for critical repairs to complete management of your safety valve repair and maintenance activities during scheduled outages or maintenance turnarounds.

ISVT’s commitment to safety in our mobile workshop or at your facility ensures that all our employees have the knowledge, equipment and desire to work with safety as the utmost concern. We demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement of our safety performance by our ongoing relationship with our customers.

For large valves that are too hard to remove or welded in valves are also no problems for ISVT, their In-Situ valve lapping equipment if fully portable that only requires compressed air. ISVT In-Situ valve lapping equipment range is from D Orifice through to T Orifice or 14mm to 165mm diameter seats.

When we remanufacture a safety valve, we:

  • Pre-Test valves prior to disassembly and report as found condition.
  • Completely disassemble the valve
  • Check every working part for signs of wear to ensure each part meets the manufacturer’s tolerances
  • Sand blast castings and check for possible defects
  • Flange facing to a new finish (If required)
  • Body seat machining
  • Valve seat Lapping
  • Nozzle seat Machining
  • Nozzle seat Lapping
  • Body / bonnet face Machining (If required)
  • Gasket replacement
  • Valve reassembly and painting
  • Valve Test to ensure it meets or exceeds new valve criteria
  • Supply documentation


Iveco Daily Duel Cab
30 ft. 5th Wheel Mobile Workshop
Ventil Safety Valve Test Bench. Up to 4350 PSI (30,000 kPa) for both Gas & Liquid Service
Ventil Portable Lapping Equipment
Electronic Bubble Counter
Centre Lathe
Mill Drill
Sand / Grit Blasting Cabinet
Lapping Plates
Jib Crane
Wire Wheel and Polishing Wheel
Hydro Testing up to 800 bar
On-site Flange Machining


Site Requirements

5 Pin 32Amp Power Supply (Neutral Required)
Compressed Air Connection.
15 x 8 Metre Work Area.

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